Here's the skinny...

Let’s get something straight.   Just about every guitar tone you’ve ever fallen in love with and wanted to replicate on your own is almost entirely a function of good circuit design and execution.   Not esoteric parts, silver wire, exotic woods, or assembly under the proper alignment of the Grand Cross, with Pluto and Saturn, in the Nodes of the Moon.  I know…  It pains many to hear it…  But Fender and Marshall et al. were just buying whatever parts were cheap and cheerful at the time.

What really made those tones so classic—so iconic—was proper attention to circuit design and construction, and a willingness on the part of the player to push those circuits to the limit.  Often well beyond what the designer had ever imagined.

This is what our philosophy is built on.   Attention to good design, proper layout, quality components and solid construction.  With the belief that it is these things that will deliver the sounds you’ll fall in love with again.  Not to mention a drive to make everything we do accessible to every limit-pushing musician out there.   Our focus is on delivering quality and value, and the tones that move and inspire you night after night.  That goes for every build, restoration and service we do.


For questions, comments, orders, or even just some friendly conversation, drop us a line.

Who are We?

Founded on the idea that you can have boutique tone and build quality without having to pay boutique prices.  We build, repair and restore tube guitar amps with a focus on doing excellent quality work, for fair prices.  We know that tone is all about proper design and build, not about exotic parts and fancy boxes.  It is our firm belief that whatever product or service we provide, you will always get the best tone and value your money can buy.

Our Shop Is Green

We haven’t colonized Mars just yet, so as it stands, this is the only home we have!  We do our best to minimize our footprint here on this planet.   We use lead-free solder and RoHS compliant parts in all builds and repairs.  In addition we reclaim all old lead solder and any hazardous parts (like PCB-oil containing filter caps) and ensure they are properly disposed of or recycled.