Jim Dan Dee



Jim Dan Dee is a “Bourbon-Fueled Funkabilly-Grunge-Blues” band from Toronto, Canada.   Their high-energy showmanship has been tearing down the walls of music genre with a modern and eclectic style that is danceable, powerful and uniquely Jim Dan Dee.

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Jim on Amplexus Amplification:

“My main amp is an all original ’71 Traynor YSR-1, an incredible amplifier that gives me the punch to cut through the mix on big stages, but has the big bottom to really bring out the benefits of my baritone guitars.  When the old girl died, luckily in rehearsal, I was lucky enough to have Josh Snider at Amplexus Music recommended from a fellow musician.  Josh is a perfectionist in the very best way, and the amp came back to me with more headroom, way more balls, and an amazingly creamy tone that flat-out sings.  I am proud to say I would not trust my sound to anyone else.”

Kyle Høhmann of The Little Black Dress

DSC_5951 - Version 2

Kyle Høhmann is a seriously talented multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Canada. Kyle is currently playing a custom Amplexus Black and Tan on stage with The Little Black Dress ( and has just gotten back from supporting Hedley on their cross-canada tour.     Kyle has an impressive resume having played with numerous acts including Danny Fernandes, touring act These Kid Wear Crowns and Canadian pop star Jesse Labelle.

Benjamin Samuel

Benjamin Samuel is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. His ’69 Fender Bassman, deliciously custom modded by  Amplexus Music can be heard all throughout his latest record, We Enter the Dark Room, Alone.
Benjamin’s always had a thing for vintage amps, he says, but “what Josh was able to do with the Bassman is nothing short of amazing. Sparkle, depth, mojo, and every superlative you can think of.”
Hear it in action at

Norm McMullen

Norm is a long-time session and touring guitarist from Toronto, Canada.  Originally playing with the Juno nominated New Regime in the early 80’s, Norm has performed with and done session work for acts such as Juno Award winning Kevan Jordan, Electric Mistress and Hip-hop act Patrick Christopher.

Norm has an extensive collection of vintage and modern amps, most of which have been modded or restored by Amplexus Music (including one particularly intense restoration of a massacred ’72 Marshall Super Bass).  Two of his current favourites are his restored and modded ’69 Traynor YBA-1, and a Traynor VoiceMaster that has gained a new life as a custom built Vox/Marshall style hybrid.

Who are We?

Founded on the idea that you can have boutique tone and build quality without having to pay boutique prices.  We build, repair and restore tube guitar amps with a focus on doing excellent quality work, for fair prices.  We know that tone is all about proper design and build, not about exotic parts and fancy boxes.  It is our firm belief that whatever product or service we provide, you will always get the best tone and value your money can buy.

Our Shop Is Green

We haven’t colonized Mars just yet, so as it stands, this is the only home we have!  We do our best to minimize our footprint here on this planet.   We use lead-free solder and RoHS compliant parts in all builds and repairs.  In addition we reclaim all old lead solder and any hazardous parts (like PCB-oil containing filter caps) and ensure they are properly disposed of or recycled.